Sustainable food systems through urban gardening products and services for locally-engaged businesses and families.


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Our customers look to us to support end-to-end gardening needs, from initial consultation through harvest and distribution. We have experts and tools for each step of the process, but you can help as much as you want. Like the therapeutic calm that comes with simple maintenance tasks? Go for it. See a ripe tomato that would make that sandwich pop? Slice away. But if you'd rather spend your time with your neighbors and loved ones without breaking a sweat, we encourage you to enjoy the fruit of our labor.

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We're motivated by a desire to improve one of the most fundamental processes to our health and happiness: the way food is grown, distributed and enjoyed.


Sprout City Produce Exchanges

Neighborhood Produce Exchanges

When you grow more than you can eat, simply exchange with your neighbors. Sharing in the abundance of your harvest can be a great way to meet new neighbors, share recipes, and create stronger communities. Both businesses and residential customers can participate!

Sprout City Donations

Donations and Distributions

Most of our customers donate a portion of their harvest to be distributed to local food pantries. We work hand-in-hand with local food distribution businesses where they exist, but also make donations directly where they don't.

The Harvest Box

You can't get any more local than this.

With each harvest you'll receive a box of fresh produce, picked and cleaned that day, containing the yield from your property along with what you've gained from your local exchange. Mix and match from many seasonal varietals, even if you didn't select them for your own yard.

Sprout City Harvest Box
Sprout City Harvest Summary

Full Transparency and Traceability.

Rather than just ambiguous industry jargon, get a full breakdown of the way your food was grown, including soil media, fertilizers and pesticides (if any!), and water source. We don't see why you have to settle for labels like "organic" and "conventional" when capturing all the information you care about is easy. More data about what you eat is more protection for you and your family.

Also included are recipe ideas, local volunteering opportunities and restaurants in your area that support responsible, local food.

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