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Go Bananas!

10 Jul 2019

While it would be great to grow all of your own fruits and vegetables, there are a few that simply don’t thrive in the North Carolina climate, so you have no choice but to buy them from a grocery store. I say this with one particular fruit in mind, one that you may love or hate, but certainly has a special place in my diet and heart—the banana. Delicious in smoothies, cereal, pudding, or blended and frozen for healthy banana “soft serve,” the banana’s uses are endless. However, use them quickly, because your bright yellow bunch will turn mushy and brown in less than a week.



17 Jun 2019

If you’re anything like me, one of the most exciting things about the summer months are the fresh meals. They’re light, they’re colorful, and oftentimes pretty healthy. This week I compiled a list of beautiful summer salads, starring some of the vegetables that are commonly grown fresh in our community! Enjoy them with your family and friends, or pack them for a fresh lunch on the go!


Myth: You need to eat meat in order to get enough protein in your diet

07 Jun 2019

No. No, no…no. How many times do I need to say no? One more, NO.


Food Insecurity Breakdown

05 Jun 2019

Food. The resource that motivates us, the resource around which many of us revolve our days. However, would you believe that 125-160 billion tons of food go uneaten each year? Below are some of issues the food industry faces, both locally and nationally.


Tried and True Methods of Deer Management and Control

01 Sep 2017

For suburban gardeners, rural farmers, and urban-agriculturalists alike, there is a growing scourge that threatens their personal Edens, their livelihoods, and their careful acts of creation. This pestilence can sweep through a well-kept garden or acreage causing catastrophic damage in hours, all while adapting to a wide variety of environmental conditions and plant species. Present across almost the entirety of the U.S., escape is futile and the best an aspiring grower can do is manage expectations and be willing to start anew. I am of course referring to rats with hooves —  otherwise known as deer.


Cleaner Air through Indoor Gardening

17 Nov 2016

In recent years, the “Locavore” and organic food movements have both popularized and deepened the dialogues concerning human/environmental health, responsible consumption, and sustainable production. The focus of these conversations has mostly surrounded our food systems, which while both admirable and necessary, has neglected a key component of human health: Air Quality.


Winter is Coming: Is your garden prepared?

31 Oct 2016

It’s the end of October, which means that for many garden zones the first freeze is imminent. For many gardeners, this signals the end of gardening for the year. However, there are a myriad of ways to prepare your garden for the oncoming cold and extend the fall growing season well into winter. In today’s post, well cover how to protect your plants from a surprise frost and structures you can utilize to grow productive vegetable beds in freezing temperatures.


Plant Spotlight: Amorphophallus titanum

03 Oct 2016

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming about urban gardening to talk about one of the most striking novelties of the horticultural world.


The Aesthetics of Aquaponics

29 Sep 2016

In a previous post, we explained what aquaponics are through a lens focused on the technology and productivity. In this post we’ll address the issue of constructing aesthetic systems, a challenge that still plagues the aquaponics community, and some potential solutions.


Aquaponics: The Marriage of Aquaculture and Hydroponics

21 Sep 2016

Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals, most often fish and shellfish, for human consumption. Traditionally aquaculture has been practiced in net-enclosed spaces in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. More recently, Aquaculture has transitioned to tank-based systems that can be constructed anywhere. Hydroponics is soilless growing systems that eliminate the need for pesticides, reduces nutrient pollution, grows produce faster, and allows control over environmental variables.


What are Herb Spirals, and Why do I Need One?

12 Sep 2016

Herb spirals are a permaculture design installation that allows you to grow a diverse array of herbs on a single, unique structure that’s great for adding some functional, whimsy into your garden space.