17 Jun 2019 - Jillian Daly

If you’re anything like me, one of the most exciting things about the summer months are the fresh meals. They’re light, they’re colorful, and oftentimes pretty healthy. This week I compiled a list of beautiful summer salads, starring some of the vegetables that are commonly grown fresh in our community! Enjoy them with your family and friends, or pack them for a fresh lunch on the go!

Cobb Salad

Eggs, avocado, and bacon….why isn’t this salad in front of me right now? Plus, this Cobb salad is a great way to use those fresh cherry tomatoes that are SO good this season.

Click here for the full recipe.

Loaded Cauliflower Salad

Who doesn’t love a loaded baked potato? This salad lets you satisfy that creamy, cheesy, bacon-y craving without all those blood sugar-spiking carbs.

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Greek Salad

I mentioned taking advantage of summer cherry tomatoes earlier...well this salad includes another summer favorite--cucumbers! This just might be the epitome of summer in a salad.

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Watermelon Feta Salad

Y'ALL. Maybe I'm just a little thirsty, maybe I could eat a horse. Either way, this salad would hit the SPOT. Just looking at this salad makes me feel like I'm sitting by the pool.

Click here for the full recipe.

Big Mac Cheeseburger Salad

I'm sorry, but I just HAD to include this one. A salad that tastes like a Big Mac?! Tell me you're kidding right now. Plus, your tomatoes can also call this meal home.

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