For Property Owners

Consultation and Design

Getting the optimal balance of aesthetics and production from your property requires careful consideration of sunlight, drainage, soil composition, air flow and many other factors. Check out our blog for helpful tips on DIY projects. Our landscape design and gardening experts are also available to help you set it up well.

Installation and Planting

We do the grunt work of installing features like raised beds, trellis, and hardscaping. We'll amend or replace your soil and plant your edibles from seed or seedling. Spend your time enjoying your space rather than fighting it.

Upkeep and Harvest

Most DIY gardeners have busy lives that prevent them from proper upkeep and maintenance. We'll stop by periodically to check on plant and soil health, pull the weeds or other basic activities that help you get the most out of your space. When it's harvest time, you'll get a box of produce on your step that's ready for your kitchen.