Garden Services for Travelers

Don't come back from the beach to rotten tomatoes!

We Know Gardens

Our team of gardeners are committed to healthy, sustainable growing techniques. We will check on your garden for you, weed, water, and harvest your vegetables. When asked for additional services, we use the most natural, safe products we can for pest and weed control, and for soil enhancement. And you will always know what we have done - you won’t have to guess what has been applied to your vegetables. Our gentle touch minimizes damage and prolongs freshness of your crop.

We Got This

While you’re enjoying the sunset on the Serengeti, don’t worry about your garden.

Don't give your weeds a vacation

We’ll take care of those while you’re gone.

Oh Deer...

Deer seem to know when you’re on vacation. Don’t let them invade your garden.

While your toes are in the sand...

...our hands will be in your garden soil

Need a break...

...or having a bad week? Your garden doesn’t have to suffer too!

Business class

Called out of town on business? We’ll pick and store your vegetables for you.

Contact Us

Let us know what you need. Now serving Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. Confirm your availability and schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation.